Why Jagua gel is not safe for everyone even though it’s 100% natural

First of all, natural henna will not give black stain & normal black henna in the market contains PPD ( its a hair dying chemical called para-phenylenediamine); PPD is an extremely harmful & can severely burn the skin due to allergic reactions to the chemical. These reactions can leave permanent scarring on the skin. There have been many incidents where people being rushed to the hospitals after having a black henna tattoo.

What is Jagua Gel?
Jagua Gel is a natural ink made with the extract of the jagua fruit, an edible fruit that grows in rainforests of Central and South America.
As opposed to black henna, jagua gel is 100% natural and safe.
Jagua Gell is a mix of Jagua juice and other natural ingredients.
But that doesn’t mean Jagua gel will not give allergic reactions at all; as some people are allergic to natural food such as peanut, strawberries, brinjal and other natural food products, some will experience the allergic reaction to Jagua Gel too but it’s not permanent as Black Henna.

Even though it does not show any signs during the patch testing it may react after 3 months; this is my personal experience when I used this gel on my brother. First 2 – 3 applications were fine and suddenly he started to get reddish marks on the applied area and it turns black. Even the place where he had the tattoo month before. It been almost 3 months & just now slightly it’s fading away.

Jagua Henna Done on 18th July 2018
Captured on 24th September 2018 (Even after 2 months still can see the mark)











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